Teen Wolf meets Guardians Of The Galaxy

”..what a bunch of a-holes”

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Céu sendo muito intimidante nesse momento #semfiltro (em Rua Delfino Riet)

Porto Alegre sendo linda #semfiltro (em teatro ciee)


Text Posts + Sterek

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- You own a car shop and you drive this?
- Hey, don’t insult Roscoe! Besides, I am not compensating for a small dick.
- You think my dick is small?
- Judging by your flashy muscle car…
- How about you judge it based on what’s actually inside my underwear?

Sterek AU: There are exactly two cars shops in Beacon Hills. One belongs to Derek Hale, the other to Stiles Stilinski. They hate each other.

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Allydia + cars

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sterek quotes → minimalist posters

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the fuck did i just look at

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Mature Broody Werewolf, Derek Hale

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I am no mere mortal. [insp.]

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And you sir?

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